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The Executive Committee consists of the Office Bearers of the Society and eight other members elected at an Annual General Meeting for a term of two years. Other members of the Society can be co-opted to serve in EXCO. EXCO is responsible for the management of the Society. The EXCO members, which includes the Office Bearers below, for 2022-2023 term are:
Martin Osumba

Dr.Martin Osumba


Zainab Mejja

Zainab Mejja

Vice- President

Ken Miruka

Kennedy Miruka


Wanyaga Bridget

Bridget Wanyaga

Committee Member

Tony Owinga

Honorary Secretary

Godfrey Kioi

Honorary Treasurer

Joseph Kimemia

Committee Member

Solomon Otieno

Committee Member

Tamara Aoko

Committee Member

Mark Gichuru

Diaspora Representative

Lawrence Mulinge

Committee Member

George Otieno

Wazee/Veterans Representative

Joseph Maina

Convener -Coordinators

Quinter Atieno

Deputy Convener -Coordinators

Loice Wasonga

Loice Wasonga

Executive Officer


The Secretariat’s role is the implementation of the Executive Committee’s strategy and agenda. The following staff members currently serve at the OSS Secretariat:

Loice Wasonga

Executive Officer

Fred Kimani

IT Support & Systems Adminstrator

Simon Macharia

Financial Accountant

Bushnell Atieno

Communications & Admin