OSS Constitutional Review



The current Constitution of Old Starehian Society (OSS) was adopted at the 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 23rd August 2015. This was a completely new constitution that was developed after lengthy consultations with Starehe alumni. The document made a provision for future changes to the Constitution under Article 10.

In recognition of this provision to amend the Constitution, the OSS Executive Committee received/came across a number of formal and informal proposals to change the Constitution. Consequently, the Committee recommended a comprehensive constitutional review process that grants adequate time to gather input, consult as many stakeholders as possible, and build consensus before a resolution is presented at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting (SGM).

The Executive Committee established a Governance Sub-Committee to manage the process of reviewing the OSS Constitution. The Sub-Committee was established comprising the following:

1. Mr. Colbert Ojiambo – Chairperson
2. Mr. Lawrence Mulinge – Member
3. Mr. Ken Ogutu – Member
4. Ms. Michele Akinyi – Member
5. Ms. Emma Nyabisi – Member
6. Mr. Linus Melly – Member
7. Mr. Njuguna Ndungu – Member
8. Mr. Ronald Onyango – Member
9. Ms. Linda Awuor Otieno – OSS Secretariat


The Sub-Committee started its work by reviewing various other constitutions from other alumni/ alumnae societies for comparative purpose and to find best practices. This process culminated into the 1st Draft which was submitted to the Executive Committee for review and for further comments.

Several comments were made by the Committee. The Sub-Committee embarked on the process of incorporating the comments and suggestions from the Executive Committee. The process culminated into the 2nd Draft that was submitted to the general alumni/alumnae for their views and comments.

The Sub-Committee received numerous views and comments touching on various aspects of the Constitution. The Sub-Committee then reviewed the views and comments from the general alumni/alumnae, and came up with
the 3rd Draft which it presented to the Executive Committee for adoption.

The Executive Committee reviewed the 3rd Draft and came up with the 4th and Final Draft, which was presented to the Annual General Meeting for adoption. The members pointed out the clauses that needed further amendment to be worked on to be adopted at a Special General Meeting.