Starehe's Founders understood that the future of Starehe would be secured by the Starehe Alumni; the Old Boys & Young Women of the Starehe Schools. And so in 1969, Dr. Griffin personally established the Old Starehian Society and became a Life Member. OSS provides a platform through which alumni can unite and serve the schools and the society more effectively.

OSS Membership is open to any of the following person
  • Any alumni of the Starehe Schools,
  • Past or present member of staff of the Starehe Schools
  • Any past or present member of the governance bodies of the Starehe Schools
  • Any person who has been closely connected with the Starehe Schools for at least ten years, or who has rendered noteworthy contribution, and who is elected by a 75% majority vote at an Annual General Meeting.
  • Discounted premiums negotiated by OSS on your behalf e.g. CIC and UAP Life Assurance covers.
  • Eligibility to serve in various governance and strategy organs of Starehe Institutions e.g. Committees & Sub-Committees of OSS, the Managing Committees (MCs) of the Starehe Schools and Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust (GMET).
  • Eligibility to vie for leadership positions or vote at the Annual General Meetings.
  • Power to hold OSS/ Starehe leadership accountable.
  • Eligibility for welfare support e.g through Alumni Support Fund, Mentorship etc.
  • Eligibility for business and career support e.g. through recommendations from OSS, career guidance, access to opportunities for jobs posted on OSS media and internships promoted through OSS.
  • Preferential discounts on OSS events and facilities owned by members or are in partnership with OSS e.g. OSS Gala Dinner, discounts from Bofa Beach Resort and Comfy Dhows Hotel in Kilifi.
  • Opportunity to officially promote own businesses and services on the larger Starehe Alumni platforms e.g. Bugle Newsletter, Starehe alumni groups and OSS social media accounts on favorable terms.
  • Opportunity to access university scholarships and international forums promoted through OSS.
  • Access to OSS portal, database and records.
  • Receive a membership card for all members and a membership certificate for life members.
  • Discounts on OSS memorabilia.
Our membership is structured into six tiers as follows:
  1. Student Membership (SAMS): Open to alumni who left Starehe within the last 6 years and are still students in colleges/ universities/ Training centres.
  2. Associate Membership (AMS): Open to alumni who left Starehe within the last 7 to 10 years and are starting out in their careers. A member who qualifies to register as an Associate Member, is also eligible to register as an Ordinary or Life Member if he or she chooses to do so.
  3. Ordinary Membership (OMS): Open to alumni who left Starehe over ten years ago.
  4. Life Membership (LMF): Any person eligible for membership as described above may also choose to register as a Life Member on payment of the necessary Membership Fees. Life Membership is a permanent membership, not subject to annual renewals. However life members may be required to pay a token annual admin fee to stay active and in good standing.
  5. Honorary Life Membership: Honorary Life Membership may be conferred upon persons who have rendered most distinguished service to the Starehe Schools or to the Society. Such membership shall be select and candidates may only be put up for election at an Annual General Meeting by a unanimous proposal of the Committee. They shall require a 75% majority vote of the Annual General Meeting in order to be elected.
  6. Corporate Membership (CMS): An alumni class group can come together to pay for OSS membership as a corporate. A class can decide to collectively pay the corporate membership fee target and in turn, all the over 200 to 400 members of that class group can register to become members of OSS.
We have different membership fees for each tier of membership. However we do not have entrance/ joining fees. The Executive Committee determines the membership fees from time to time. The current membership rates are available below.
Life 120,000 N/A One-time fee and an annual administration fee of 2,400. One can opt to pay in installments.

2 years  – 65,000.00 yearly

3 years –  50,000.00 yearly

4 years   55,000.00 yearly

5 years   40,000.00 yearly

Ordinary N/A 12,000 Renewed annually.
Student N/A 200  Renewed annually.
Associate N/A 1,200  Renewed annually.
Corporate Group Discount N/A 600,000  Renewed annually. Admits all members of the class groups as members of OSS.
Honorary N/A N/A Conferred upon persons who have rendered most distinguished service to the Starehe Schools or to the Society.


To be a member in good standing, one needs to have fully paid up his or her Membership Fees and s any other requirements which may, from time to time, be defined by the Committee.

To pay for your annual subscription, kindly use the details below and then this Form to enable us to meet statutory requirements, and effectively engage and serve you.


For Bank Transfer, use the following details

  • Bank: Standard chartered Bank
  • Branch: Harambee Avenue
  • Bank Code: 02
  • Branch Code: 019
  • Swift Code: SCBLKENXXXX
  • Account No: 0102095793100
  • Account Name: Old Starehian Society
  • Purpose: Purpose: ( Subscription code + File no + Class group e.g. John OMS/10249 /C05 or Sheila OMS/G256/C08 for Starehe Girls

For M-PESA, use the following details

  • Paybill Number: 949494
  • Account: (Subscription code + File no + Class group e.g. OMS/10249 /C05 or OMS/G256/C08 for Starehe Girls

1. OMS-Ordinary membership (OMS + File Number+ Class Group) – e.g OMS/10249 /C05 or OMS/G256/C08(for Starehe Girls)

2. AMS-Associate membership (AMS + File Number +Class Group) – e.g AMS/ 13049/C13 or AMS/G256/C08(for Starehe Girls’)

3. SAMS-Student annual membership (SAMS + File Number +Class Group) – e.g SAMS/ 14485/C17 or SAMS/G987/C17(for Starehe Girls)

4. LMAF-Life membership annual fee (LMAF+ File Number+Class Group) – e.g LMAF/ 9742/C98 or LMAF/G256/C08(for Starehe Girls)

5. CMS-Corporate membership (CMS + Class Group +File number) – e.g CMS/C98/9742

6. LMF – Life Membership (LMF +File Number +Class Group) – e.g LMF/4875/C83 or LMF/G256/C08(for Starehe Girls)

Cessation of Membership is also provided through Resignation or Expulsion as per the guidance in the OSS Constitution. One might also cease to be a member if they don’t pay their annual subscriptions. Members who fail to pay the annual administration fee also become suspended

For additional information, please contact us. You can also call us on +254-792-506-403 or email us on

OSS Membership Registration Form

The Old Starehian Society (OSS) is the alumni association of Starehe Girls’ Centre and Starehe Boys’ Centre. Kindly fill out this Membership Registration Form to enable OSS to maintain a Register of Members as required by the Societies Act. This data will be used for official purposes only and will not be shared with 3rd parties. By filling this form and signing it, you acknowledge your official status as a member of the Old Starehian Society.

Basic Information

Starehe Details and Interests

Starehe Boys' Centre & School

Professional / Occupational Details

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Students Only

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