Starehe’s Founders understood that the future of Starehe would be secured by the Old Starehians – the Old Boys & Old Girls of the Starehe Schools. And so in 1969, Dr. Griffin personally established the Old Starehian Society and became a Life Member. OSS provides a platform through which Starehe alumni/ae can unite and serve the schools and the society more effectively.

Eligibility for Membership

Membership to the Old Starehian Society is open to:

(a) Alumni/ae of the Starehe Schools i.e. Starehe Girls’ Centre and Starehe Boys’ Centre.

(b) Any person who has been intricately connected with the Starehe Institutions, or who has rendered noteworthy contribution and who is bestowed with honorary membership.

Types of Membership

Our membership is structured into three categories as follows:

(a) Ordinary Membership

Ordinary membership is open to any alumnus of the Starehe Boys’ Centre & School and any alumna of Starehe Girls’ Centre, who chooses to register within this category.

The Executive Committee have the liberty to group ordinary members into bands for the purpose of varying subscription fees and membership programs according to the means and needs of the ordinary members.

(b) Life Membership

Life membership is open to any alumnus of the Starehe Boys’ Centre & School and any alumna of Starehe Girls’ Centre, who chooses to register within this category. By registering as a life member, you demonstrate a lifetime commitment to the Society.

Interested Starehe alumni/ae pay a lump sum on or before admission, as per the prevailing subscription rates set by the Executive Committee. The Committee may at its sole discretion decide how subscriptions from life members can be applied towards strengthening the financial sustainability of the Society.

(c) Honorary Membership

Any person who has rendered distinguished service or been intricately connected with the Starehe Institutions may be admitted as an honorary member of the Society upon nomination by the Executive Committee and ratification by two-thirds majority vote at a general meeting.

Membership Fees and Subscriptions

There is no entrance fee to join the Old Starehian Society. Any alumna or alumnus is welcome to register using this link. However, there are annual subscriptions or life subscriptions that are established by the Executive Committee from time to time. Life member subscriptions are paid once and upon completion, there are no recurring annual fees. Annual subscription for ordinary members are due on the 1st January of each year.

Membership subscriptions are used to run the operations of the Society. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(i). Enable the Society to raise funds for the Starehe Institutions e.g. endowments for the Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust and student sponsorship for the Starehe Schools.

(ii). Support the welfare of alumni through the General Welfare Fund and the Alumni Support Fund. These welfare funds support alumni in distress, bridge gaps in university fees and support alumni start business ventures.

(iii). Organise events that enable alumni/ae to connect, network and support each other. These events include monthly networking events, webinars, fundraisers and other events.

(iv). Gather and disseminate critical information and updates about the work, achievements and needs of the Starehe Institutions.

The membership rates for 2022 are available below. These cover the period 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022.

(a). Individuals Offers

The rate for individual alumni/ae are as follows.

CategoryStandard Fee (KES)Remarks
Life Membership100,000This is a one-time subscription, and does not attract annual fees.
Honorary MembershipNot applicableRecognition for distinguished service or connection to Starehe.
Ordinary Membership See bands.
Classes of 1962 – 19792,900 
Classes of 1980 – 20073,500 
Classes of 2008 – 20131,000 
Classes of 2014 – 2019200 
Class of 20200Subscription fee waived.

(b) Class Group Offers

While members can sign up or renew their subscriptions as individuals, our preference though is to encourage as many alumni/ae as possible to join OSS through their Classes. We would like to unite alumni/ae and create a sense of belonging in being part of OSS as the vehicle to uplift each other and sustain Starehe. As such, we have come up with different class membership fees based on the year that one left Starehe. We encourage alumni/ae to pay for membership through their classes, each according to their means, through which an entire class can be accorded membership. We believe that through Class memberships, no one is left behind or out of OSS.

Class GroupClass Group Fee (KES)1Average Per Member (KES)2
Classes of 1962 – 1979 (Pioneers/ Wazees) 3180,0001,800
Classes of 1980 – 2007290,0003,500
Classes of 2008 – 2013 479,5001,000
Classes of 2014 – 2019 416,000200
Class of 2020 400

1 Applies to each Class Group, and not range of Classes, except for Pioneers and Wazee. See note 3 below. Fees quoted are for 12 months (1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022)

2 Assumes an average of around 100 members per Class Group.

3 The Pioneers and Wazee Groups are taken as one group to contribute the KES 180,000.

4 Classes of 2008 to 2020 combines both the SBC and SGC Classes into one Class Group.

Payment for Membership

Membership subscriptions can be paid via bank transfer or M-PESA paybill. If visiting the OSS Secretariat or attending our events, payment can also be paid in cash or swiping your debit/credit card on our PDQ machine.

The payment code to use depends on which subscription you have opted for. The code is to be used as the M-PESA account or as the purpose for a bank transfer. Here is some guidance.

(i) For Life Membership subscriptions, use LMS + File Number + Class Group e.g. LMS 4349 C74.

(ii) For Ordinary Membership subscriptions being paid individually, use OMS + File Number + Class Group e.g. OMS SGC014 C2008.

(iii) For Ordinary Membership subscriptions being paid through a Class Group, use CMS + File Number + Class Group e.g. CMS/File Number/Class Group e.g. CMS 9742 C98.

(a) M-PESA

M-PESA Paybill Number: 949494

Account: Specify payment code (see guidance above)

(b) Bank Transfer

Bank: Equity Bank

Branch: Embassy House

Bank Code: 68

Branch Code: 177

Swift Code: EQBLKENA

Account No: 1770279404495

Account Name: Old Starehian Society

Purpose: Specify payment code (see guidance above)

Privileges and Benefits of Membership

Joining the Old Starehian Society (OSS) enables Starehe alumni/ae to collectively give back to the Starehe Schools that transformed us into who we are today. OSS also provides an opportunity for alumni/ae to support and uplift each other socially and economically. By working together, we are able to achieve more.

While we do have a few modest privileges and benefits, we really want alumni/ae to understand that a lot more tangible benefits will be unlocked by a greater number of alumni/ae joining the Society. Moreover, the greatest benefit is to see Starehe sustained into perpetuity as we rally to raise KES 2 billion for the Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust.