OSS Membership Recruitment Drive 2022

OSS Membership Recruitment Drive 2022

The Executive Committee has approved special discounts and offers for a 1-year period starting on 1 January 2022 and ending on 31 December 2022. While members can renew or sign up as individuals, our preference is to encourage as many alumni/ae as possible to join OSS through their Classes. We would like to unite alumni/ae and create a sense of belonging in being part of OSS as the vehicle to uplift each other and sustain Starehe. As such, we have come up with different class membership fees based on the year that one left Starehe. We encourage alumni/ae to pay for membership through their classes, each according to their means, through which an entire class can be accorded membership. We believe that through Class memberships, no one is left behind or out of OSS. A stronger OSS is able to serve alumni/ae and the Starehe Schools more effectively and better sustain the Starehe Institutions. This membership recruitment drive will last until 20 February 2022.

Class Group Offers

The averages rates for the different bands of Classes, depending on the year one left Starehe are as follows:

Class GroupClass Group Fee (KES)1Average Per Member (KES)2
Classes of 1962 – 1979 (Pioneers/ Wazees) 3180,0001,800
Classes of 1980 – 2007290,0003,500
Classes of 2008 – 2013 479,5001,000
Classes of 2014 – 2019 416,000200
Class of 2020 400

1 Applies to each Class Group, and not range of Classes, except for Pioneers and Wazee. See note 3 below. Fees quoted are for 12 months (1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022)

2 Assumes an average of around 100 members per Class Group.

3 The Pioneers and Wazee Groups are taken as one group to contribute the KES 180,000.

4 Classes of 2008 to 2020 combines both the SBC and SGC Classes into one Class Group.

The detailed offer for Class Group, which includes a tiered discount structure is accessible here at this link.

Payment can be made via:


Paybill Number: 949494

Account: CMS/File Number/Class Group e.g. CMS/9742/C98

2. Bank Transfer

Bank: Equity Bank

Branch: Embassy House

Bank Code: 68

Branch Code: 177

Swift Code: EQBLKENA

Account No: 1770279404495

Account Name: Old Starehian Society

Purpose: CMS/File Number/Class Group e.g. CMS/9742/C98

Individual Offers

Nevertheless, if you would like to join OSS as an individual, you can pay the following rates:

GroupAnnual Subscription (KES)
Classes of 1962 – 1979 (Pioneers/ Wazees)2,900
Classes of 1980 – 20073,500
Classes of 2008 – 20131,000
Classes of 2014 – 2019200
Class of 20200

Payments can be made via M-PESA:

Paybill Number: 949494

Account: OMS/File Number/Class Group e.g. OMS/9742/C98

More Information

More information is available on the membership page. You can also check out the modest privileges and benefits of membership. You are welcome to send us an email on info@oldstarehians.org or call us on + 254 792 506403.