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OSS Events Planning & Coordination

The OSS Executive Committee (EXCO) formed an Events Sub-Committee to provide leadership for events planning and execution, orchestrating the overall production to ensure coordinated delivery, providing guidance and tools to Event Organisers and making strategic recommendations to EXCO about OSS events.

As such, the Events Sub-Committee has come up with some principles and guidelines to streamline events planning, coordination and execution going forward:

1. Approval process for OSS events – A simple process has been put in place to determine official OSS events.

2. One major fundraising event per quarter – OSS will only run one fundraising event for any given quarter to ensure that the OSS Secretariat is not spread thin and alumni and other supporters are not financially fatigued. This also ensures that each event is well marketed and supported.

3. Cost recovering for the OSS Secretariat – The event will need to fully cater for costs incurred by the Secretariat (staff time and other expenses).

4. Coordination among Starehe entities – Deliberate coordination by OSS, GMET, Starehe Boys’ Centre and Starehe Girls’ Centre to ensure events complement and do not cannibalise each other.

5. All funds to be channelled through OSS – All monies raised for OSS events will be channelled through OSS to ensure accountability to alumni and supporters.

Application Process

This is the process for recognition of an event as an official OSS event:


  1. Event Organiser fills out templates.


The Event Organiser fills out BOTH the OSS Events & Budget Templates and submits to the OSS Secretariat through for review. The templates are the basis on which the Events Sub-Committee recommends to the Executive Committee (EXCO) on which events should be officially adopted, marketed and supported as OSS Events.


  1. Events & Operations Officer reviews templates.


The OSS Events & Operations Officer reviews the submitted plan and budget and confirms that key information has been provided. The Officer engages the Event Organiser in case of missing information. This process is expected to take 72 hours after the templates have been submitted to OSS. Once the templates have been filled out fully, the Events & Operations Officer forwards them to the Events Sub-Committee members at least 48 hrs before official meetings are held. The Sub-Committee meets at least once a month.


  1. Events Sub-Committee reviews submitted plan and budget.


Events Sub-Committee reviews submitted plans and budgets, within 2-4 weeks of receiving the documents, using an objective criteria. The criteria includes:

  • Event in line with OSS events principles and guidance (see above).
  • Event advances interests of Starehe.
  • Event adequately resourced (money, people, things).
  • Event projected to bring in a net surplus.
  • 30% of net surplus earmarked for OSS operations.

A decision is made on whether the event can be recognised as an official OSS event. The Events Sub-Committee engages EXCO to secure endorsement of this Sub-Committee decision.



  1. Event Organiser is informed of the outcome of the Sub-Committee decision and guidance on the next steps by the Events & Operations Officer. The Sub-Committee can take any of the following decisions:
  • Request for more information before a decision is taken.
  • If event does not meet the OSS criteria, the event will not be recognised as an official OSS event. Reasons will be provided.
  • Recognise the event as an official OSS event.