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How to support the Old Starehian Society (OSS)

When you give to OSS, you make it possible for needy boys/girls to get quality education and for young alumni to get mentorship and financial support through programs like the Alumni Support Fund. With your gift, we can accomplish our mission of serving OSS members, the Starehe Schools and alumni and making a clear contribution to transforming the society we live in.

You can support the Old Starehian Society through the following projects initiated by OSS or the Starehe schools:

There are currently 570 students at both Starehe Boys’ Centre and Starehe Girls’ Centre who do not have sponsors. You can provide support by taking up full or partial sponsorship of student(s) at any or both of the two schools. Full sponsorship at Starehe Boys’ is KES 140, 000 and KES 85,000 for Starehe Girls’. Partial sponsorship is any amount you can afford.
The aim of this fund is to support young alumni to get their footing into the world. This includes alumni in colleges and universities and those who have just graduated but have not yet gotten employment. The Alumni Support Fund goes towards helping the alumni to pay for their university fees, and upkeep, medical expenses or to help transform their small business ideas into reality.
Starehe alumni have various projects aimed at raising funds to keep the two Schools afloat and in good condition. Some of the projects include:
  • Renovations of the Old Starehian Society office.
  • GoKibiko Starehe Charity Cycle.
  • Annual Starehe Charity Golf Tournament.
  • Starehe Annual Gala Dinner.
  • Starehe Arts & Music Initiative.
Starehe Boys’ Centre and Starehe Girls’ Centre have different projects that can greatly benefit from sponsorship and other support, including in-kind. Examples of these projects include:
  • Providing books to the library
  • Renovating the infrastructure at the school for example, houses where students sleep
  • Recarpeting of the roads within Starehe Boy’ Centre.
  • Renovations of sports facilities at such as the school football pitch.
  • Equipping of the Starehe Music Centre
  • Building perimeter wall around Starehe Girls’ Centre
  • Building additional dormitories for Starehe Girls’ Centre
  • Building staff quarters for Starehe Girls’ Centre.
This is a fund put in place to secure the future of the Starehe Schools. Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust (GMET) was established in 2009 in commemoration of the late Dr. Geoffrey Griffin, the Principal Founder of Starehe. GMET invests the funds and only the interest accrued caters for needy students in perpetuity. To achieve this goal, each needy student requires one endowment at the value of KES 1,000,000 and currently we have a total of 1,647 students from both Starehe Boys and Starehe Girls Centres. GMET currently has KES 200 million and the target is to raise KES 2 billion to ensure all sponsored positions at the Starehe Schools are funded forever.

Donors may give donations one time or commit to a recurring frequency of donation such as monthly, quarterly or annually. We encourage donors to commit to recurring donations of any amount of their choice. Donations may be given

  • Anonymously
  • Individually
  • Jointly with spouses/family
  • Matched by employer

You may remit your Donation via


To make a donation via M-PESA, use the following details

  • Paybill Number: 949494
  • Account: (File No & Name & donation item e.g. 3452 Endowment)

Bank Transfer

To make a donation via Bank Transfer, use the following details

  • Bank: Standard chartered Bank
  • Branch: Harambee Avenue
  • Bank Code: 02
  • Branch Code: 019
  • Swift Code: SCBLKENXXXX
  • Account No: 0102095793100
  • Account Name: Old Starehian Society
  • Purpose: (File No & donation item e.g. 3452 Endowment) or Name and donation item for non-alumni e.g Tony OchiengEndowment

In Kind (Professional Service or Goods)

To make a donation in kind, use the following address details

  • The Old Starehian Society Secretariat
  • P. O. Box 30178-00100
  • General Waruinge Street
  • Starehe Boys’ Centre & School
  • Nairobi
  • Kenya
  • Email:
  • Phone: +254792506403

Old Starehian Society is fortunate to be able to count on alumni and Friends of Starehe who have enabled the organization to grow and achieve its mission.