Strategic Intent 2019-2021

The Executive Committee has developed a Strategic Intent 2019-2021 in accordance with the OSS Constitutional provisions which grant EXCO powers to define the mission, vision and strategies, as it may deem desirable to serve the Objects of the Society. The Strategic Intent is based on the following 7 pillars:

  1. Strong Governance and Compliance
  2. Financial Management: Accountability & Transparency
  3. Leadership and Management of the Starehe Institutions
  4. Resource Mobilization: With a special Focus on growing GMET
  5. Focus on Membership and Welfare
  6. Business Development – Grow OSS Revenues through Commerce
  7. Operational Excellence with the OSS Secretariat as a Centre of Excellence (COE)
intent image
intent image

Executing the OSS Strategic Intent is expected to be achieved through the work of Sub-Committees, the Secretariat, OSS members and alumni. As such, EXCO formed 6 Sub- Committees to drive specific elements of the strategy. The membership of the Sub-Committees is composed of EXCO and OSS members in good standing.

  • Membership & Welfare Sub-Committee - (Led by Zainab Mejja Adam)
  • Operational Excellence Sub-Committee - (Led by Eric Amiani Kiruhura)
  • Resource Mobilisation Sub-Committee - (Led by Harry Ndafa Kiarie)
  • Business Development Sub-Committee - (Led by Fredrick Kamunzyu)
  • Governance Sub-Committee - (Led by Colbert Ojiambo)
  • OSS Events Sub-Committee - (Led by Eugene Papa)