Old Starehe Society

  • The Old Starehian Society is a non-political and non-profit organisation registered by the Registrar of Societies and operates under the Societies Act (Cap. 108). OSS brings together over 15,000 alumni of Starehe Girls’ Centre and Starehe Boys’ Centre and other stakeholders to network, uplift each other, support the Starehe Schools and transform the society we live in.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

  • A Starehe fraternity leading and transforming society.

Our Mission

  • To strengthen OSS to serve its members, the Starehe Schools and alumni and to make a clear contribution to transforming the society we live in.

Values and Objectives

Our Values

  • Leading by example

  • Engagement and contribution

  • Private candour, respect and public honour

  • Personal responsibility and accountability

  • Continuous learning and improvement

Our Objectives

  • To foster links and fellowship between the alumni, and the staff (past and present) of the Starehe Schools, which comprise Starehe Boys’ Centre, Starehe Girls Centre, and any other institution which may be classified as a Starehe School in future;

  • To encourage and assist the Starehe Schools in every way possible, including but not limited to engagement and support in the governance of the schools, mobilizing funds and relationships, and to support the current pupils of the Starehe Schools in every way possible;

  • To make provision for bursaries and/or scholarships, loans, mentoring and any other support that the alumni may require from time to time to continue with their education or to engage in enterprise;

  • To raise funds through all legal means which include but are not limited to donations, contributions, corporate sponsorships and investments to support the objectives of the Society;

  • To carry out any activity that strengthens the Society, serves its members, the Starehe Schools and alumni, and that supports alumni to contribute to social and economic transformation

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William Smith

William Smith, (born March 23, 1769, Churchill, Oxfordshire, Eng.—died Aug. 28, 1839, Northampton, Northamptonshire), English engineer and geologist who is best known for his development of the science of stratigraphy. Smith’s great geologic map of England and Wales (1815) set the style for modern geologic maps, and many of the colourful names he applied to the strata are still in use today.