Strategic Intent 2019-2021

The Executive Committee has set out a Strategic Intent based on 7 pillars:

  1. Strong Governance and Compliance
  2. Financial Management: Accountability & Transparency
  3. Leadership and Management of the Starehe Institutions
  4. Resource Mobilization: With a special Focus on growing GMET
  5. Focus on Membership and Welfare
  6. Business Development – Grow OSS Revenues through Commerce
  7. Operational Excellence with the OSS Secretariat as a Centre of Excellence (COE)
intent image
intent image

Execution of the Strategic Intent is expected to be carried out through Sub-Committees comprised of members of EXCO and OSS members in good standing. The following Sub-Committees have been established.

  • Membership & Welfare Sub-Committee
  • Operational Excellence Sub-Committee
  • Resource Mobilisation Sub-Committee
  • Business Development Sub-Committee
  • Governance Sub-Committee
  • OSS Events Sub-Committee